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Laryngeal Cancer

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Laryngeal cancer affects any of the structures of the larynx, often called the voice box and vocal cords (vocal folds). Oncology experts at Florida Hospital Cancer Institute specialize in diagnosing and treating patients with this serious condition, when possible with minimally invasive techniques. We use the most advanced technology and procedures to treat cancer while reducing the side effects, pain and recovery time. If you have been diagnosed with laryngeal cancer, contact us today.

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The American Cancer Society projected that more than 12,000 patients would be diagnosed with laryngeal cancer in 2012. This type of cancer affects any of the structures of the larynx or voice box. This two-inch long organ is located in the neck behind the Adam’s apple. The voice box is the structure responsible for speaking and sound.

These are the structures of the larynx:

  • Epiglotiis
  • Supraglottis
  • Glottis (where the vocal folds or vocal cords are located)
  • Subglottis

Cancer can develop in the cells of these structures, but the most common form of laryngeal cancer develops in the squamous cells (lining).

Locations for Laryngeal Cancer