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Conditions Related to Laparoscopy

A laparoscopy may be performed to assess the abdomen and its organs—including gastrointestinal, urinary, endocrine and reproductive organs—for tumors, lesions, injuries, internal bleeding, infections, unexplained abdominal pain, obstructions and other conditions. This surgery often occurs when other imaging tests, such as an x-ray or CT scan, are inconclusive. Laparoscopy is also used to evaluate the stage of abdominal cancers and the severity of internal trauma or bleeding, as well as to treat endometriosis and remove an ectopic pregnancy.

A gynecological laparoscopy can offer doctors a similar assessment tool for the pelvic organs, and is often used in cases of pelvic pain, ovarian cysts, fibroids and to evaluate the ovarian tubes of infertile women. 

Locations for Laparoscopy