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The experience is in the numbers. Annually we treat over 40,000+ patients in our emergency room and over 14,000 outpatients and give extended care to 2,600 inpatients.

We have everything right here needed for advanced diagnosis, cutting edge treatments and even the most challenging surgeries. And we have the option to reach out to many of our institutes and research centers in the Adventist hospital system, giving us access to the most advanced technology and treatment available in the world today.

The most intricate surgeries are routinely performed here using both the Gamma Knife and the minimally invasive (laparoscopic) techniques developed by the Global Robotics Institute. Our surgical expertise covers:

After treatment or surgery, we serve our patients with a holistic embrace that includes frequent follow-ups, expert rehabilitation and a Christian ministry that activates the healing power of the mind-body-spirit connection.

Perusing the wealth of information on our website will reveal all the details that make Florida Hospital Kissimmee a nationally ranked world-class medical facility in both healing and teaching. You’ll be amazed.