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Emergency Services

When should I visit the ED?

Knowing when you or someone else needs emergency attention can be critical. An emergency is defined as a serious medical condition or symptom caused by an injury or sickness, or mental illness, which arises suddenly and requires immediate care and treatment to avoid death or disability.
An emergency may include:
  • A suspected stroke
  • A suspected heart attack
  • Complicated fractures
  • Poisoning
  • Deep Wounds
  • Vomiting/coughing up blood
  • Major head injury
  • Severe allergic reactions
  • Extreme difficulty breathing
  • Severe Burns
It is important to be prepared at all times for an emergency. To expedite treatment in the event one occurs, it’s advised that you keep an information card on you with the following information along with your insurance card and photo identification.
  1. Name & telephone number of your Primary Care Physician
  2. A list of your medications and any drug allergies
  3. Advance Directives: Living wills, Do-Not-Resuscitate orders, Power of Attorney, etc.