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The Florida Hospital Cardiovascular Institute is recognized as one of the top providers for heart care in the nation. At Florida Hospital Kissimmee, you’ll have access to leading treatments of cardiovascular disease, utilized by some of the country’s most sought-after cardiovascular surgeons. Our own facility houses the latest diagnostic tools, including a cardiac stress test laboratory, sonography, electrocardiogram and cardiovascular ultrasound.  Make an appointment or request a second opinion with a cardiovascular specialist today.

What are Cardiovascular Services?

There’s a full spectrum of life-saving services when it comes to heart care. From preventive screenings and medication management to simple or complex operations and emergency care, the aim is ensuring your cardiovascular system is functioning at its optimal capacity. This means delivering appropriate evidence-based care for congenital and acquired heart and vascular conditions.

Many procedures today have minimally invasive alternatives to former open surgery techniques. New technologies are constantly being incorporated into treatment regimens to provide patients with less scarring, less pain, shorter hospital stays and an earlier return to normal activity.

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