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Intestinal Obstruction Repair

Treatments Related to Intestinal Obstruction Repair

In addition to intestinal obstruction repair, treatments may be needed for the underlying cause. Tumors that cause a blockage may involve additional surgery and/or radiation and chemotherapy. Other mechanical causes of blockage that may require additional treatment include impacted stool and gallstones.

Children with paralytic ileus may need additional treatments for bacterial and viral infections, lung or kidney disease, abdominal infections such as appendicitis, and imbalances in body chemistry.

If intestinal obstruction repair involves a colostomy or ileostomy, at home treatments are needed for proper care of the stoma. Home care includes adjusting diet to avoid loose stools, gas or constipation, and avoiding strenuous activity. A later surgery may be done to reconnect the ends of the bowel where the blockage was removed

Locations for Intestinal Obstruction Repair