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Intestinal Obstruction Repair

Research and Clinical Trials for Intestinal Obstruction Repair

Much of the research for intestinal obstruction repair is done as part of studies on various conditions that cause or are related to bowel obstruction and treatments. In addition to research specifically on intestinal obstruction repair, other investigations examine colostomy, ileostomy, and bowel resection. These studies pursue various goals such as reducing risk of developing an obstruction, improving diagnosis, enhancing and developing treatment options, reducing complications, and improving recovery rates.

Clinical trials involving intestinal obstruction repair examine a wide range of medical considerations, including:

  • Medications used in treating blockage related to cancer
  • The relationship of abdominal surgery to formation of intestinal obstructions
  • Use of colorectal stents to open a blockage
  • Comparison of laparoscopic and open surgery procedures
  • Drugs to treat adhesions (scar tissue)
  • Imaging technology to aid in post-operative management
  • Alternative medications to opiates that are used to treat other conditions, but may lead to bowel blockages
  • Antibiotic drugs to prevent infection at the surgical site
  • Placement of colostomy and ileostomy stomas
  • Hernias that result from gastric bypass procedures and may cause obstructions
  • Follow-up care in children with congenital intestinal malformations
  • Post-operative therapies to minimize complications and speed recovery

Locations for Intestinal Obstruction Repair