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Intestinal Obstruction Repair

Related Conditions of Intestinal Obstruction Repair

Intestinal obstruction repair is performed to remove a blockage of the bowels. The blockage may develop from a number of conditions such as a twisted intestine (volvulus), adhesions or scar tissue caused by surgery, hernias, tumors and impacted stool.

Children may develop a blockage due to a paralytic ileus that destroys the intestinal wall. Also called pseudo-obstruction, the condition is caused by a number of conditions including bacteria or viruses, chemical imbalances, abdominal infections, kidney disease and some medications.

Sometimes, bowel obstruction may be the result of ileus, a condition in which the intestine does not function properly, but has no structural problems.

Often, a person with a bowel blockage experiences an inability to pass stool or gas. The abdomen may become swollen or distended and the person may have nausea with constant vomiting.

If bowel tissue dies, gangrene may develop. Other related conditions leading to intestinal obstruction repair include jaundice, infection, dehydration, and electrolyte imbalances.

Locations for Intestinal Obstruction Repair