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Florida Hospital InnovatOR Suite


Florida Hospital InnovatOR Suite - Pioneering The New Frontier of Surgery

Exploration has long been a hallmark of the human spirit. Curiosity and the quest for self-improvement has propelled humankind from the caves of Lascaux to the cusp of interplanetary exploration. From the Ancient Greeks through the renaissance up to the modern world, the thirst to know more and an insatiable desire to better the human condition has propelled mankind to do great things. As far as humanity has come, there is one internal frontier that still remains—the mysteries of the human mind. The organ so seminal to humankind’s ability to explore and create is, in fact, the one we know the least about.

Enter Florida Hospital’s InnovatOR Suite (IOR), one of the world’s most technologically advanced operating rooms and a centerpiece of the new Neuroscience Institute at Florida Hospital Orlando. Its purpose is twofold—to provide the region’s best clinical setting for interventional neurosurgeries and serve as a place for great pioneering minds and partnering organizations to innovate and unlock mysteries of the human brain. 

Headed by Melvin Field, MD, Florida Hospital neurosurgeon and Surgical Director of Florida Hospital Institute Brain and Spine Tumor Program, the IOR is making tremendous strides in discoveries, breakthroughs and first-of-its-kind research. “This operating room will allow us to work with industry leaders to develop new technologies and procedures. Not only will it allow us to provide better care for what we currently do, we’ll be able to advance care for things we currently don’t do. For example, with the field of functional neurosurgery— currently in its infancy—these technologies will open the door for treating Parkinson’s disease, movement disorders, perhaps even eating disorders and obsessive compulsive disease.”

The IOR is actually two operating suites, featuring an exceptionally powerful and precise, 18,000-pound 3T MRI that can actually travel between each room to provide real-time imaging of surgeries while they are in progress. With the cutting-edge technology, our patients do not have to be transported to a different part of the hospital for post-surgery scanning. Instead, the surgeon can perform the procedure and check for any issues (like residual tumor tissue) while the patient is still on the operating table. The benefits are obvious with the chance of infection and the probability of additional surgeries reduced dramatically.

The IOR will also utilize Stryker’s wireless, infrared surgical navigation system. Combining tracking devices and wireless instruments, this technology enables our surgeons to more accurately analyze and monitor instrumentation relative to a patient’s anatomy—increasing precision and visibility during less invasive procedures.

Enhanced visibility and precision during surgery are key to improving patient outcomes. With the help of Leica Microsystems’ sophisticated mobile microscope, our surgeons’ view of the surgery site is greatly improved. This new microscope is so powerful, in fact, that users can clearly monitor vascular blood flow in brain. And because we understand the importance of chronicling the path of a successful surgery, a partnership with Karl Storz brings high-definition video recording and broadcasting capabilities to the IOR. Other surgeons will have the ability to watch the procedure in real time, or access it from an archive of footage, from virtually anywhere in the world.

Even the operating tables are revolutionary. Florida Hospital’s IOR features a removable, MR-compatible operating table—the first-of-its-kind in the world. This innovation allows physicians to use the table that best suits the surgical and imaging requirements for each procedure. 

Not only can this OR table be used for both MRI—guided and non-MRI guided surgeries, it can be easily removed from the operating room to allow the use of specialized tables for procedures that do not require intra-operative MR imaging.  For these cases, Berchtold created a custom-built table. Another first, this new table was developed at Florida Hospital in collaboration with our own physicians and ensures that the optimum position for each patient’s procedure is never compromised—a particularly important measure for those undergoing neurosurgery.

The IOR’s incubative environment fosters and encourages open clinical collaboration for the development and commercialization of products, techniques and processes that will revolutionize surgical procedures. With the partnerships we’ve forged, the clinical talent we’ve recruited and the advanced capabilities we’ve built together, we continue on the path of courageous exploration and meticulous research to establish lasting and effective approaches to improving the human condition. Much like the pioneers who paved the way before us.

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