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Center For Innovative Patient Care


Center For Innovative Patient Care - Breathing Life into A Living Laboratory

The first thing one might notice on a stroll in and around Florida Hospital Celebration Health’s new patient tower, is how little it resembles a hospital patient tower. Purposefully designed and seemingly plucked from the resort-laden shores of the Mediterranean Riviera, the new tower embraces brick and mortar as an integral part of the healing process. Adding much more than an air of sophistication to Celebration Health’s already verdant campus, the new tower—opened just two months before this year’s National Council of Presidents—integrates everything we’ve learned in the improvement of patient care, and stands a model for the future of hospital design. 

With this new facility expansion, which increased patient capacity to 174 licensed beds, Celebration Health incorporated environmental design elements that have been researched to ensure the highest standards for patient safety and experience. Larger windows welcome more natural light, proven to accelerate patient recovery. A new, state-of-the-art ER, complete with a pediatric play area, was designed to improve the experience of the area’s large population of families seeking emergency treatment. Healing gardens, virtual concierges, intuitive room layouts—all were incorporated to have a positive affect on the outcome of our patients.

Since opening in 1998, Celebration Health has long been considered a clinical model of innovation and excellence in the delivery of health care. So much so, that the Washington DC-based Institute for Interactive Patient Care (IIPC) took note. The IIPC is a not-for-profit health care organization dedicated to empowering patients and improving health outcomes through direct patient engagement by performing quality research and advocating for advances in policy, standards and payment reform.

The IIPC is advancing these efforts by partnering with hospitals that share in their vision to establish 10 to 12 “Centers for Innovative Patient Care” throughout the nation. These centers will be a proving ground to research, develop and standardize best practices for enhancing patient experience to improve clinical outcomes. And because of its founding principles, mission-based approach to health care and long track record of clinical success, the IIPC chose Celebration Health to become the founding center for this vital initiative.
According to David W. Wright, president of the IIPC, “The Institute is very proud to have named Celebration Health as the Founding Center for Innovative Patient Care for this network. Celebration Health was chosen to be the prototype for this network of centers because of its national and international prominence, its strength in leadership and its clear commitment to innovation in advancing patient centered care delivery.”

Central to this role as a Center for Innovative Patient Care is the 31-bed Innovation Unit, occupying the entire third floor of the new patient tower. Quite literally a “living laboratory”, the Innovation Unit is unlike any other patient recovery facility in the country. With its five-star-hotel motif, the Innovation Unit creates a completely different experience for our surgical patients and houses some of the most revolutionary tools to aid in their recovery process.

Many of these unique methods and devices have been developed through our collaborative partnerships. Among a variety of collaborations on the new Innovation Unit—Celebration Health and IIPC have partnered with Johnson & Johnson to conduct the first research project to measure the impact of care team health on patient outcomes. This study will observe how the physical health of caregivers and a healthier working team dynamic can improve a patient’s recovery.

An additional area of focus includes work-flow and operating efficiencies. Working with AeroScout’s Wi-Fi RTLS (Real-time Location System) has allowed us the ability to track equipment and personnel as they move throughout the hospital. This will afford us and other health care providers a greater understanding of where our nurses, doctors and technologies are spending most of their time and develop practices to ensure all patient and personnel needs are being met more efficiently.

Ecolab, the company behind our “touch-free” rooms, developed a hand sanitation device, featured in all rooms of the Innovation Unit. These new devices enhance the sanitary practices of our staff to mitigate the spread of germs—a major goal for everyone involved in the delivery of care. Also worth noting is due to Ecolab’s and AeroScout’s alliance with Florida Hospital, the two are working to develop a tangible method for monitoring and tracking hand hygiene compliance.

Philips’ medical monitoring division is helping us establish a process to recognize changes in patient condition more quickly. Their Guardian software, an early warning system, is designed around surgical units where most issues of patient deterioration occur. Studies have shown that the average patient may experience six to eight hours of worsening health before it is formally recognized by medical staff, prompting action from a rapid response team. Identifying these changes sooner is a national safety imperative to help save more lives.

Another major issue facing hospitals around the world is patient falls, so all of the beds in the Innovation Unit will feature groundbreaking technology from Stryker. Their “Smart Beds” will eventually communicate with our electronic medical record system via the Wi-Fi network, and be programmed to a certain configuration depending on each individual patient’s level of fall risk. Additionally, the beds will alert medical staff if any of the configured parameters are breached by the patient.

Celebration Health has also adopted an Interactive Patient Care delivery model, proven to advance patient experience and safety outcomes by empowering patients to take a more active role in their care. Our partner, GetWellNetwork—the leading provider of interactive patient care technology—provides bedside tools and resources to inform, educate and entertain patients, all from large flat screen monitors situated in every room.  Celebration Health and GetWellNetwork are planning a number of projects for the Innovation Unit that will advance and inform new methods and practices to further engage patients for a quicker recovery and better overall hospital experience.

“The idea or product doesn’t need to be finished, in fact, concept phase is actually the ideal point in time to connect with us,” says Steven Knych, MD, Division Chief for Patient Safety and Clinical Excellence at Celebration Health. He has first-hand experience of how these technologies can improve patient outcomes and encourages new partners of the Innovation Unit to begin the communication process early.  “We welcome those who have concepts applicable to addressing national imperatives in health care or to address the focus areas of our Center. Borrowing from each others’ expertise, the joint collaboration can be very beneficial for the development and delivery of new products and research opportunities.”

Bringing life to this living laboratory has been the result of years of commitment from individuals like Dr. Knych and partners who shared in this visionary approach to patient care. And for all the concise planning, cutting-edge equipment, and groundbreaking research that has gone in to this incredible facility, the staff and partners are most excited about what will come out of it: healthier patients. Visit Celebration Health

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