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Innovation Lab


Problem solving is an inherent quality of the doctors, nurses and support staff at Florida Hospital. Each day, they apply their experience and expertise to helping patients overcome numerous health challenges—many of which are solved through a forward thinking, collaborative effort.

This collaborative spirit is a hallmark of the care we provide. Bringing different people together from various facets of medicine to work together toward a common goal helps us solve challenges with better efficiency within our organization and with greater benefit to our patients. Collaboration allows us to create today’s best possible health care services, and innovate ways to continually improve them for tomorrow.

The Innovation Lab is an embodiment of our co-creative approach in action. It serves as an incubator of ideas, where some of the biggest challenges we face within the delivery of health care are solved. Teams of doctors, nurses, directors, administrators— anyone who has an idea of how to improve the services we provide—work together toward the betterment of patient care.

The Innovation Lab’s creative space and collaborative atmosphere galvanize each team’s thought process for the task at hand.  Here we work toward improving critical aspects of health care, such as staff responsiveness, administering medications, hospital cleanliness, equipment allocation, enhancing communication between departments, doctors, nurses and patients, and much more.

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