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Statistics about Infertility

Medical science has developed a large body of data on infertility statistics. However, when reviewing the information, parents should understand that the data is derived from studies and hospital reports from around the country. Each couple’s situation is unique and decisions should be made on the results of tests and consultation with their doctor.

about 12 percent of couples in the U.S. are affected by infertility

  • problems with the man’s reproductive system account cause or contribute to about half of all cases of infertility
  • multiple causes of infertility are involved in about a third of cases
  • no cause can be found in 5-10% of cases
  • 6.7 million, or 10.% of women age 15 to 44 have a reduced ability to conceive children
  • 1.5 million married women, about 6%, of women age 15 to 44 are infertile – unable to conceive within the last 12 months
  • in vitro fertilization has a success rate of approximately 34%

Locations for Infertility