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Research and Clinical Trials for Infertility

Research into infertility is being conducted across the country with clinical trials examining every aspect of the condition. Due to this ongoing effort, there have been significant advances in identifying the causes and improving treatment of infertility.

Some of the current government-sponsored infertility research includes:


Under this broad category, doctors employ clinical trails to review such factors as genetic influences and chemical markers in bodily fluids that may be used to indicate the potential of infertility. Others are looking into male infertility, psycho-social aspects, and other conditions that lead to infertility. Still others examine means for preserving fertility.

Artificial Reproduction

This ongoing research into infertility has seen great advances in developing and refining treatments that include medications and surgical intervention techniques such as in vitro fertilization.

Through clinical trials like these, OB/GYNs across the U.S., including the reproductive specialists at Florida Hospital, have been able to assist many infertile couples with treatments that let them successfully begin a healthy family life.


Locations for Infertility