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Incisional Hernia

Treatments for Incisional Hernia

Treatments for an incisional hernia require surgical intervention. For the most part, this hernia will not heal on its own without surgery.  Patients must understand the severity of an untreated incisional hernia to avoid more serious complications such as strangulation of the intestine, which can lead to tissue death of this important internal membrane. 
The following two types of surgeries are recommended treatment options to repair an incisional hernia:
  • Open hernia repair - most common surgical technique involves making a skin incision over the affected site to make a hernia repair. 
  • Laparoscopic hernia repair - A less invasive surgery that uses a small tube with a camera to repair the hernia. This surgical device is inserted into small incisions of the abdomen, where the surgeon can watch this procedure on a monitor.   
Ask about the best surgical treatment option for an incisional hernia. Call to make an appointment with a specialized hernia surgeon at Florida Hospital. 

Locations for Incisional Hernia