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Survivability of Hysterectomy

As with many surgical procedures, there is a risk of serious complications, but for most patients, the survivability of hysterectomy is high. Depending on the specific procedure used, the patient may experience different recovery times.

The recovery prognosis for abdominal hysterectomy is between four and six weeks, while the recovery for vaginal hysterectomy is three to four weeks. The fastest recovery with the robotic hysterectomy is two to four weeks.

Patient will receive pain medications to relieve discomfort, and a tube (catheter) may be inserted into her bladder for a few days to pass urine. You will be encouraged to get up and move around to avoid blood clots and to use the restroom.

Some patients can leave the hospital the next day, while others can stay for a few days. The patient’s recovery prognosis depends on the procedure and the type of hysterectomy.

Locations for Hysterectomy