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Hypopharyngeal Cancer

Preventing Hypopharyngeal Cancer

The best way to survive this condition is preventing hypopharyngeal cancer before it can develop. The condition is often asymptomatic in the beginning stages and can be difficult to treat in the later stages. While there is no known way to completely prevent cancer, doctors encourage patients to follow lifestyle guidelines that reduce your risk of developing hypopharyngeal cancer.
These are some of the way to eliminate risk factors:
  • Stop smoking
  • Stop using chewing tobacco
  • Reduce or eliminate alcohol consumption
  • Increase the fruits and vegetables you eat
  • Manage Plummer-Vinson syndrome
Dedicated to our patient’s overall wellness, Florida Hospital helps patients just like you to reduce your risk of developing cancer through community programs. These programs can counsel patients on how to reduce your risk and provide the help you need to reach your goals. See how we help patients to stop smoking, recover from alcohol addiction and much more. 

Locations for Hypopharyngeal Cancer