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Hydatidiform Mole

Survivability of Hydatidiform Mole

Surviving molar pregnancy is not a problem for most women. In fact, most cases see a complete cure.

The odds of not surviving hydatidiform mole caused by hydatidiform mole are extremely low. The prognosis is very good as over 80 percent of cases are not malignant, and the results of treatment are usually very good. Regular follow-up care by an OB/Gyn and avoiding pregnancy for up to a full year are recommended.

The concern with molar pregnancy is that some cases develop into invasive moles that cause complications, or into choriocarcinoma. Early diagnosis is always best but in many cases can be treated successfully.

Hydatidiform mole may lead to a choriocarcinoma. If symptoms begin up to a year after having a molar pregnancy, a woman should be checked for the possibility of a developing cancer. Because viral infections of the reproductive system are associated with molar pregnancy, assuring good sexual health through safe practices is important in reducing the potential of future problems.

Locations for Hydatidiform Mole