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Hydatidiform Mole

Statistics on Hydatidiform Mole

The statistics on hydatidiform mole show that it is a very rare condition. An even smaller number of cases become cancerous requiring chemotherapy. The good news is that almost all women afflicted with hydatidiform mole experience a complete cure.

Some Facts about Hydatidiform mole

hydatidiform mole affects only 1% of all pregnancies

  • 80% of hydatidiform moles (molar pregnancy) are benign
  • 5% of partial moles and 20% of complete moles become invasive moles
  • up to 4% of hydatidiform moles develop into malignant choriocarcinoma
  • choriocarcinoma develops in just 2 to 7 of every 100,000 pregnancies
  • 50% of choriocarcinomas begin as hydatidiform mole

Looking at the statistics of hydatidiform mole, most women will never experience the condition. Affected women should have every reason for optimism. However, even though cure rates are high and the possibility of contracting other problems is low, the serious nature of potential heath issues warrants regular follow-up visits to the doctor and immediate attention to any symptoms that can develop even years later.

Locations for Hydatidiform Mole