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Hip Replacement

Treatments Related to Hip Replacement

Related treatments to a hip replacement are currently in development, though not all patients make good candidates to have this type of surgery. For the most part, new techniques such as minimal incision hip replacement or minimally invasive hip replacement are offered to qualified patients. Hemi hip replacement or hemiarthroplasty replace the ball joint, the head of the femur that rotates inside the socket.

Other related treatment options such as anti-inflammatory medications, and physical therapy may improve symptoms to delay and/or to prevent hip replacement. Furthermore, research is determining how laser surgery can contribute to making hip arthroplasty a less invasive surgical procedure.

Doctors at Florida Hospital are reviewing are developing new treatments based on research and clinical trials which are testing total hip replacement possibly using natural bone rather than depending entirely on metal hip units. Schedule an appointment with an orthopedic specialist to discuss treatment options available for hip replacement surgery.   

Locations for Hip Replacement