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Hip Replacement

Researching Hip Replacement

Research for a hip replacement is conducted at both the government level and at Florida Hospital to determine the success rate of this type of surgery. Nearly 230,000 patients undergo a total hip replacement on an annual basis. Fortunately, 90 percent of these patients successfully recover to return back to daily activities.
Patients having a total hip replacement (hip arthroplasty) or a hemi hip replacement (hemiarthroplasty) enter clinical trials that evaluate the progression of the treatment from diagnosis to surgery until a set time frame. Conducting research and clinical trials on subjects can provide our physicians at Florida Hospital valuable data to develop new techniques to reduce side effects and complication as well as to shorten recovery time.

Contact Florida Hospital to request literature on research and clinical trials for ongoing and previous hip replacement procedures to learn more about this surgical procedure that is considered one of the most common joint replacements in the United States.  

Locations for Hip Replacement