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Hip Replacement

Why Choose Florida Hospital?

Hip replacement, also known as a total hip arthroplasty, is an invasive surgical procedure where a damaged, diseased, and/or infected hip is removed, and then replaced with an artificial unit (prosthetic). This surgical procedure is performed on candidates with hip injuries and diseases that can cause extreme pain, soreness, and/or restrictive movement. Nearly 230,000 hip replacement surgeries are performed per year in the United States. Fortunately, this surgical procedure has a 90 percent success rate. Though middle-aged and older aged adults are the most common candidates that require a total hip replacement, younger adults may undergo this type of surgery to repair a hip fracture. Surgeons at Florida Hospital are trained to screen, test, diagnose and to provide treatment for hip problems, including hip replacement surgery to restore movement and to reduce pain associated with tissue inflammation, tumor, fracture and other conditions.

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What is Hip Replacement?

A hip replacement is the second leading joint replacement surgery in the United States, with an estimated 230,000 total hip replacement procedures performed annually. Patients suffering from hip ailments brought on by arthritis, fractures, osteoporosis, recurring pain and other conditions are prime candidates that may require a hip replacement.

A hemi hip replacement, the partial replacement of the ball (femoral head), is often performed on patients with a hip fracture. This hip injury requires an immediate hemiarthroplasty to prevent the femoral head from ultimately dying due to the lack of blood flow nourishing the bone.

Hip replacement surgery may be considered the most reliable treatment option to repair a damaged hip instead of prolonging this surgical procedure to test medications that can cause further damage. Whereas a total hip replacement or a hemi hip replacement (hemiarthroplasty) are viewed as invasive and complex in nature, there is a 90 percent rate among patients electing to have this artificial hip and/or ball replacement.

Surgeons at Florida Hospital are available to screen patients for hip damage and can provide an effective treatment plan to determine if this hip replacement surgery is the right fit in relieving pain and promoting ease of movement in everyday activities. Call Florida Hospital today to schedule an appointment.           

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