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High-Frequency Ventilation

Treatments Related to High-Frequency Ventilation

While this is a safe and effective treatment for premature infants needing breathing support, treatments related to high-frequency ventilation may be recommended depending on the infant’s individual health. For instance, some babies may be too fragile for the ventilator, so these other treatments may be recommended:

  • Surfactant replacement therapy—replaces the liquid that coats the inside of the lungs when a baby’s body is too young to produce it.
  • Nasal continuous positive airway pressure (NCPAP) machine—administers air to the lungs by gentle pushing pressure through prongs placed in the nostrils.
  • Oxygen therapy—provides higher amounts of oxygen through ventilator or NCPAP machine
  • Medications to suppress infection and improve the underlying cause of the breathing difficulty

These are just a few of the treatments related to high-frequency ventilation that can help support a baby’s breathing. If needed, speak to your doctor at Florida Hospital to determine which treatment is right for your baby.

Locations for High-Frequency Ventilation