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Symptoms and Signs of Hernias

In adults, hernia symptoms can appear as back pain, chest pain or nausea. You may feel a soft lump in a post-surgery scar or in your groin or belly. Pressing the lump or lying down may make it disappear. This lump may be painful when you lift heavy objects, bend over or cough.
In newborns, hernia symptoms may not appear until a few months after birth. Swelling or a bulge in the scrotum or groin can indicate an inguinal hernia. If there is a swollen area or bulge near the belly button, it could be an umbilical hernia. In some incidences of umbilical hernia, an intestinal loop gets caught in the weak abdominal muscle area. In these cases, symptoms can include a round abdomen, vomiting, fussiness, red or discolored skin near the hernia, fever and/or tenderness to the touch. The symptoms of a diaphragmatic hernia can often be detected very soon after birth. These symptoms include fast breathing, fast heart rate, one side of the chest appearing larger than the other, a caved in abdomen and a bluish color to the skin.

Locations for Hernia