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Hernia Surgery

Why Choose Florida Hospital?

Weakness in the muscle wall allows these bulges to push through. In adults, the most common types of hernia are inguinal, incisional and hiatal.  Using leading edge technology and the skills that come from years of experience, Florida Hospital hernia surgeons can repair your hernia, preventing further damage and ending pain.

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What Is Hernia Surgery?

An abdominal hernia occurs when there is a hole, tear or weak spot in the muscle wall, allowing intestine or other organ or, in some cases, fat to bulge through. If a hernia disappears upon lying down, it is considered reducible. If does not disappear, it is non-reducible. While hernia pain may be tolerated, failing to treat a hernia could cause serious complications. If a hernia twists, or strangulates, it could cut off blood supply to the intestines.

The most common type of hernia is an inguinal hernia, which occurs near the top of the thigh by the groin muscle.  Nearly 75 percent of hernias are inguinal and they are more common to men than to women. The only way to treat this type of hernia is surgery. 

During an open repair surgical procedure, your Florida Hospital surgeon will make an incision through the skin in the area of your groin.  Through this incision, the hernia will be moved  back into its original place inside the abdomen. The incision will be closed using stitches and, in some cases, synthetic mesh to strengthen the closure.

During a laparoscopic surgical procedure, your Florida Hospital surgeon will insert a thin scope with a tiny camera through a few small incisions in the groin area. The hernia will be repaired using special instruments that are inserted through this scope. Because the incisions are smaller than with an open repair, this procedure often requires a shorter recovery time.

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