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Can You Recover From Picky Eating?

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Can You Recover From Picky Eating?

POSTED BY: Christine Jallad

We know it’s important to eat healthy, balanced meals -- but what if you hate vegetables or anything green? It turns out; you can reverse your bad habits, even as an adult.

Stephanie Lucianovic is a self-described "recovering" picky eater. She took her extreme hatred of certain foods, especially vegetables, and turned it into love. She's even made food her career by enrolling in culinary school in her late 20s and becoming a food writer.

For her book "Suffering Succotash," she wanted to discover why some of us hate certain foods. She found that although your upbringing is a factor, there are many other influences at work, including biology, genetics, neurology and even psychology.

Lucianovic says she ultimately decided to try to overcome her food fears because she was afraid of being embarrassed in front of the man she was dating, who ate everything.

"Love and shame are very powerful influences. My fear of him finding out this side of me was more powerful than my fear of foods," Lucianovic says.

The couple, now married with a three-year-old child, continue to try new foods together and help her discover new favorites amongst the foods she once feared.

Her advice for dealing with picky eaters? Be kind.

"Picky eating is not a choice. You live in fear of going to a friend's house or to a restaurant for dinner because of what you might encounter. It's a very real and scary issue."

And if your kids won't eat their vegetables now, don't give up on them. It's never too late to reform a picky eater.

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