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Meet Our Survivors

"I got my mammogram faithfully every year, it's just something I do. I do it because I want to take care of myself, and I owe it to my family."

- Kelly Duke


Kellie Duke - Breast Cancer Survivor


"Women are busy.  We work and care for our family, but we also need to take care of ourselves.  Find time to get your mammogram, it only takes 30 minutes. If i didn't get mine, our family's story would be very different."

- Jane Bayless


Jane Bayless - Breast Cancer Survivor


"I think too many women are scared to get their mammograms.  They don't want to hear the dreaded words 'you have cancer.'  But knowledge is power, and because I knew about it, I could do something about it that will end up saving my life." 

-Maureen Cool


Maureen Cool - Breast Cancer Survivor