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Heartland Mammography Fund

ABUS Campaign

Even with our highly-trained clinical staff and ultramodern technology, we are always looking to improve breast care in the Heartland.  With your financial support, we can make that happen.  We have identified the need for an automated breast ultrasound system (ABUS), the ACUSON S1000 from Siemens Healthineers. 

"Approximately 40% of women in Highlands County have dense breast tissue on their mammogram.  Standard screening mammograms are less reliable at finding cancer in dense breasts, because the cancer can get overshadowed.  Breast ultrasound used with mammography can find breast cancers that cannot be felt on physicial examination or seen with mammography," said Dr. Mary Gardner, Florida Hospital Breast Care Center radiologist. "Automated whole breast ultrasound is a technology used to obtain images with a transducer, that scans the whole breast and provides ultrasound images for cancer detection on three levels.  Multiple studies have shown that the addition of this technology has resulted in significant cancer detection improvement, compared with mammography alone.  We would be very fortunate to be able to offer these examinations to the women of the Heartland community."