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Home Care Services Sebring

Home is Where Heartland Is 

The comfort of home is undeniable for many people recovering from or managing medical conditions. At Florida Hospital Home Care Services Sebring we can offer more services to more people who cherish the independence of home care. In fact, those who receive home care can often improve their recovery time and reduce medical expenses. Our highly attentive home care programs can even provide an alternative to costly nursing homes. We work directly with our patients’ physicians to create a personalized course of care. And because family involvement can also be of great benefit to our patients, we encourage and educate our patients’ families in the ongoing care of loved-ones.

Our Commitment 

In an effort to give you the very best care available, we provide:
  • A registered nurse for visit or phone consultation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Evaluation within 24 hours of referral.
  • Professional health care brought to your home through knowledgeable, dependable and caring staff.
  • Collaboration with your physician to provide the most appropriate services for you.
  • Care that is individualized to your needs.