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Rapid Translation. Market Acceleration.

Your business is already working smart. But you’re looking for something more. More access to collaborative health care professionals, more like-minded innovators that believe in making things happen, not unnecessary red tape. Good news: you’ve found the one unique spot that offers everything your business has been looking for.

Florida Hospital Health Village is a health care and life sciences discovery-oriented, mixed-used urban community located on 172 acres within vibrant downtown Orlando. Offering a wide spectrum of powerfully aligned resources, Health Village supports rapid translation of your products and services to accelerate your time to market. And with neighbors such as Florida Hospital, one of the nation’s largest not-for-profit hospitals in the US, and Adventist University of Health Sciences, productive collisions are bound to occur on a regular basis.

It’s where startups are connecting big ideas to health care professionals and bringing their concepts to life while quickly testing them in real-world situations. It’s where Fortune 500 companies are working with international thought leaders to develop a previously unimaginable health care future. It’s where globally renowned doctors, researchers and Big Data experts are sharing, learning and growing.

So why isn’t your business a part of it yet?

This unique life-science and health care community offers:

  • Access to one of the largest not-for-profit hospital systems in the U.S.
  • Health care professionals dedicated to facilitating strategic alliances, breaking down barriers and cultivating innovative health care & life sciences solutions.
  • Real-time access to a continuum of care – providers, patients and facilities.
  • A business-friendly state and a moderate climate conducive to year-round productivity boasting world-class entertainment, arts and sports teams.
  • Easily accessible transportation, thriving residential communities, growing retail environment and acres of gardens and parks.
  • The Florida Hospital Innovation Ecosystem, a unique set of assets aimed to provide support along the lifecycle of your company’s growth and development.
  • Access to IQ Orlando, an innovation-focused business partnership concentrated on recruiting and launching life science companies.

Florida Hospital Health Village isn’t just good for business. It’s good for the future of health care. Together we will advance rapid translation and market acceleration to fulfill the Triple Aim.

Are you ready to be part of tomorrow’s biggest health care advancements? Click here to learn how.