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Symptoms and Signs of Headache

As the name suggests, the symptoms of a headache are pain and discomfort in the scalp or forehead areas (but not the face or ears). While most do not require immediate medical attention, there are some red flags patients should watch out for. These include:

Three or more headaches per week

  • Sudden or severe head pain
  • A headache that feels like the worst you’ve ever had
  • A headache after a head or neck injury
  • A headache accompanied by fever, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, neck stiffness, or symptoms related to the eyes, ears, nose or throat

If you suffer a severe headache that feels almost incapacitating, especially if it’s your first time experiencing such a headache, go to the emergency room. Also, you should see a doctor if your headache is accompanied by neurological issues such as seeing flashing lights, having slurred speech or blurred vision, or experiencing numbness or weakness in a limb. 

Locations for Headache