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Gynecologic Cancer

Statistics of Gynecologic Cancer

Statistics tell us that every year, about 80,000 women are diagnosed with gynecologic cancers in the United States, and about half of those are uterine cancer diagnoses; about 8,000 women per year die of uterine cancer. Ovarian cancer is the second most common gynecologic cancer (about the eighth most common cancer overall), with about 22,000 new cases per year, leading to 16,000 deaths annually.

Mortality rates for cervical cancer have declined as Pap smears have become commonplace. Still, there are about 12,000 diagnoses per year from this type of cancer, and about 4,200 women die from this disease annually.

Vulvar and vaginal cancer are relatively rare. When caught and treated early, vulvar cancer offers of reasonably good prognosis: roughly 4,500 women are diagnosed with vulvar cancer each year, while about 950 women die from it. Vaginal cancer, meanwhile, account for about 2,600 diagnoses per year, and about 840 deaths. 

Locations for Gynecologic Cancer