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Giving Back

Giving Back Helps Our Community Move Forward

With the overwhelming support we’ve received from our community over the last century, giving back to it is both a privilege and a perpetuation of the good we see all around us. Whether it is through programs within our hospitals, or taking part in initiatives throughout the area that surrounds us, we provide and utilize a wide range of altruistic opportunities to help advance health care for the people who need it most.

Donating to the Hospital

Your donation does a world of good. We could never carry out our mission without the generosity of our community, which provides us the financial support to bring the world’s finest medical talent, treatments and research to all who seek our care. Florida Hospital Foundation provides convenient access to any number of special giving programs, from one-time gifts to ongoing donations. 

Volunteer Opportunities

We offer a number of exciting volunteer and internship opportunities that allow you to work with patients and/or staff in a highly rewarding health care setting.