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Gestational Diabetes

Treatments for Gestational Diabetes

Maintaining a normal blood sugar level is vital to the health of both the mother and the baby. Treatments for gestational diabetes work to achieve and maintain normal blood sugar until the condition resolves after labor.
Depending on the patient’s health, age, tolerance for medications and preference, doctors at Florida Hospital may recommend different or specialized treatments for gestational diabetes. These are some of the ways our team helps patients maintain a healthy blood sugar level and monitor the fetal development:
  • Specialized dietary recommendations that reduce carbohydrates
  • Exercise routine that is safe for the mother and fetus
  • Monitoring of the blood glucose levels periodically
  • Insulin injections if necessary
  • Monitoring of fetal growth and well-being through: 


      Fetal movement counting   

      Biophysical profile

      Doppler flow study

      Nonstress testing

Especially when the fetus is larger than normal (a potential complication of diabetes during pregnancy), delivery may be required a few weeks early to prevent injury and difficulty during labor.
While these are the most common treatments for gestational diabetes, each patient has different needs. Schedule an appointment at Florida Hospital to speak to our specialists. We provide comprehensive, individualized care for patients throughout their pregnancy and after delivery. Our goal is to help mothers, babies and families maintain their highest level of health through holistic, comprehensive, compassionate care.

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