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Side Effects of Gastrostomy

While the treatment is considered safe, there are side effects of gastrostomy that patients should review before undergoing the procedure. Doctors at Florida Hospital can speak with patients about their specific risk factors and how some of the side effects can be prevented.
Infection and bleeding at the insertion site are the most common side effects of gastrostomy tube placement. Patients should speak to their doctor to learn how to clean and care for the incision. These are other potential risks that should be reviewed with your doctor before surgery:
  • Tube may accidentally be pulled out.
  • Tube may become blocked
  • Incision around the tube can be infected
  • How to use the tube effectively
  • What type of foods can be inserted in the tube
  • How to hide the tube under the clothes
  • What activities are not permitted
Learn more about how to care for the gastrostomy tube. Schedule an appointment at Florida Hospital today.

Locations for Gastrostomy