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Gastritis and Acute Gastritis

Screening and Tests for Gastritis and Acute Gastritis

To diagnose the condition, screening for gastritis includes a variety of procedures that allow doctors to visualize the damage and inflammation.

Before any test is completed, Florida Hospital doctors gather a complete medical history and physical examination. Then, the doctor may prescribe one of these diagnostic exams as testing for acute gastritis:

  • Endoscopy- a small tool is threaded into the stomach allowing doctors to see the damage and even take a sample.
  • Upper GI Series (barium swallow) – The patient drinks a chalky substance that makes it easy for doctors to see the damage during an X-ray.
  • Blood testing for acute gastritis – A blood sample can show if dangerous bacteria or if the patient has anemia—conditions related to gastritis.
  • Stool culture – Doctors test for abnormal bacteria or blood to indicate gastritis.

If you experience the symptoms of gastritis, contact Florida Hospital today to schedule a screening appointment.

Locations for Gastritis and Acute Gastritis