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Gastric Cancer

Survivability of Gastric Cancer

The prognosis for gastric cancer patients is assessed in terms of the five-year survival rate, and is given in terms of the percentage of patients who live at least five years after their diagnosis. The five-year survival rates for stomach cancer are given below based on the cancer’s stage, presented below in order of least to most advanced. 
  • Stage IA: 71 percent
  • Stage IB: 57 percent
  • Stage IIA: 45 percent
  • Stage IIB: 33 percent
  • Stage IIIA: 20 percent
  • Stage IIIB: 14 percent
  • Stage IIIC: 9 percent
  • Stage IV: 4 percent
The overall five-year relative survival rate—which compares the observed rate of survival for patients with stomach cancer to the life expectancy of people without stomach cancer—is 28 percent. 

Locations for Gastric Cancer