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Gastrectomy is a surgical procedure to remove a part or the entire stomach. This treatment is effective in treating stomach cancer, inflammation, tumors and polyps. Recent advances in research and technology have resulted in a minimally invasive gastrectomy procedures. Florida Hospital specializes in these advanced procedures, using adapted tools and expertise to minimize risks, pain, recovery time and scarring. See if you qualify for the minimally invasive gastrectomy at Florida Hospital. Schedule an appointment today.

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When bleeding, polyps, tumors, cancer or other related conditions affect the stomach, surgeons may recommend gastrectomy to treat the condition. This surgical procedure is used to remove the affected tissue. Depending on the patient’s specific condition and overall health, doctors may remove all or part of the stomach.

The subtotal or partial gastrectomy procedure removes just the portion of the stomach that is affected by the tumor or cancer. The remainder of the stomach and the esophagus are re-connected to restore gastrointestinal function. A total or full gastrectomy is a procedure to remove the entire stomach. After the stomach tissue is removed, the esophagus and small intestine are connected to allow the patient to eat and swallow food.

In both the subtotal and total gastrectomy procedures, neighboring tissue, organs and lymph nodes may also be removed to eliminate any diseased or damaged tissue.

Before surgery, patients will receive general anesthesia so they are asleep and pain-free. As with every surgery, patients should understand the risks and potential side effects of gastrectomy.

Florida Hospital reduces these risks as well as patients’ pain and recovery time with our innovative, minimally invasive gastrectomy procedure. Using specialized tools and small cameras, surgeons make several small cuts in the abdomen to remove the stomach tissue instead of a large incision.

See if this minimally invasive gastrectomy technique is an option for your treatment. Schedule an appointment for a second opinion today.


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