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Gallbladder Disease

Why Choose Florida Hospital?

Gallstones that block or irritate the gallbladder cause gallbladder disease. Most patients with gallstones live without pain or with only mild discomfort, but when patients experience severe abdominal pain and nausea, it is called a gallbladder attack and emergency care may be necessary. Florida Hospital has been recognized as one of America’s best hospitals for digestive health. We specialize in cutting edge, minimally invasive treatments like shockwave therapy and laparoscopic surgery to relieve pain and treat gallbladder disease. Learn more about these advanced treatments. Schedule an appointment today.

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What is a Gallbladder Attack?

The gallbladder, the organ located underneath the liver, stores the bile your liver makes and uses for digesting fats. A gallbladder attack occurs when a gallstone blocks the duct connecting the two organs and the small intestine, or when the gallbladder becomes inflamed.

Gallstones, the main cause of gallbladder attacks , are hardened pieces of bile that range in size from a grain of sand to a golf ball. The vast majority of people living with gallbladder disease show no symptoms or only mild, occasional discomfort.

When to Treat Gallbladder Disease

Gallbladder attacks indicate a more serious blockage of the duct and oftentimes result in gallbladder surgery to remove the organ.

Florida Hospital specialists perform screening and tests to diagnose gallbladder disease and to determine the most effective treatment. While many patients live with gallbladder disease without symptoms, patients experiencing symptoms should seek medical attention, because a continual blockage can be life threatening.

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