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Thank a Caregiver

Thank a Caregiver

Join us in thanking the caring medical professionals who have made a difference in your life.

Someday your generosity will help cure every diseaseSomeday your generosity will help cure every disease

Patients from all walks of life come to Florida Hospital. Kimberly Ward was just 42 when open-heart surgery forced her to face the possibility of not seeing her daughter's 10th birthday. This is her story.

After taking up running, Kimberly was barely into her workout one day before she was doubled over, unable to catch her breath. She told herself it was nothing serious, but spells of blindness brought her to an eye doctor who told her she could be having ministrokes. The issue, it turned out, was a cardiac one, so Kimberly sought help from the nationally recognized Cardiovascular Institute at Florida Hospital.

Kimberly turned to renowned surgeon Dr. Kevin Accola, who recommended surgery. “I knew I was in the best hands possible, and I just left it up to God,” she says.

Kimberly is blessed to have some of the finest physicians in her backyard at Florida Hospital, and you are, too. Dr. Accola repaired two holes in Kimberly’s heart. Just a few months later, she was thriving and tells her story in hopes of making a difference.

Kimberly is thankful to Dr. Accola. You can thank your caregiver with a gift to Florida Hospital in his or her honor.