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Sharing Smiles

Cleft Lip and Palate Program

Children in Latin America are three times more likely to be born with a cleft lip or palate than those in the United States.

This facial deformity not only strips a child of the ability to smile but also creates a struggle to feed and nourish their bodies. Hidden from their neighbors, and sometimes abandoned by their own fathers, these children are deemed outcasts in their society and have no ability to pay for repair. Families often travel on foot for days to find hope and healing in the skilled and caring hands of Florida Hospital Sharing Smiles volunteers. It is the ultimate goal of Sharing Smiles’ cleft lip and palate program to provide free corrective surgeries and comprehensive medical care year-round to help these needy children share their smiles with the world.

Sharing Smiles sends a team of expert medical clinicians to perform complex corrective surgeries and to collaborate and train onsite medical professionals. This training is critical to building a legacy of ongoing care for these children after they receive their life-changing surgery.

It is our vision to have teams of specialists including plastic surgeons, maxillofacial surgeons, speech therapists, dentists, counselors, orthodontists, nutritionists, and otolaryngologists. Together, these professionals will perform surgery, provide rehabilitation therapy and will train onsite medical professionals to provide the ongoing care needed for the best results for their patients.

Sharing Smiles achieves excellence by partnering with generous people worldwide. Ongoing medical care would not be possible without the collaboration between Sharing Smiles and the local health authority, onsite medical teams, and Rotary Clubs. These partnerships allow us to strengthen local support through education, provide long-lasting medical training and secure resources to improve the quality of care patients receive from the onsite medical team year-round.

Join us to restore the smiles of these suffering children and spread the gift of hope throughout the world. Make a gift or start a smile campaign today.