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Florida Hospital

The skill to heal. The spirit to care.

Our New Name

With thoughtful introspection, analysis and research in 2015, SHARES International elected to adopt a new name—Florida Hospital Sharing Smiles. Serving internationally for over 20 years, Sharing Smiles has provided sustainable health care solutions for needy children through quality health care, education and onsite training of medical professionals. In the past, we have strategically focused on cleft lip and palate surgeries. Today, we have expanded programs to also include physical therapy and pediatric dentistry. As we partner to heal children and provide hope in less-developed countries, this new name aims to communicate the spirit of our growing program, and mission to help underprivileged children do what all children do best—smile.  
“We believe our new name perfectly captures the spirit of our mission and vision. Sharing Smiles describes what we strive for every day—to see children smile again.”
-Sharing Smiles Board Chair, Christopher Dobson, MD