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Fundraising Priorities - Winter Park

Our mission is to renew and restate an individual to perform – often times at a higher level prior to their condition.

To achieve this goal, Winter Park Memorial Hospital and community volunteers are undertaking a six-year campaign to complete an $83 million fundraising campaign for the hospital.

This campaign will enable the hospital to accelerate innovation and revolutionize medicine by:

  • Pioneering care delivery models
  • Recruiting the leading physicians and researchers in the nation
  • Developing strategic partnerships with the foremost pharmaceutical and technology organizations in the world
  • Building innovative world-class facilities
  • Providing the highest quality, most affordable care
  • Reversing epidemic level healthcare trends in our community


Winter Park Memorial Hospital will be the innovative leader in predictive, preventative, regenerative and performance medicine.

To attain our vision, we must first secure the foundation of having a community hospital of the highest standards. This includes re-imagining emergency room care and developing the most advanced outpatient imaging and rapid diagnostic center in the country.

From there, we must continue to develop programs that allow Winter Park Memorial Hospital to become the leading regional destination in the southeast. New and expanded programs include: cancer care, women’s health, incisionless surgery, dermatology | melanoma and ophthalmology.

Only after these two platforms are fully actualized can we achieve our ultimate goal to create a nationally leading longevity medicine institute. This requires not only the latest and most innovative equipment and state-of-the-art facilities, but more importantly, the nation’s best physicians, researchers and caregivers.


While great strides have been made in cancer treatment and diagnosis, cancer remains the second leading cause of death in the U.S. closely following heart disease. One in two men and women will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime . The number of new cancer cases is expected to nearly double by the year 2050. Florida ranks high nationally in cancer incidence and death rates: nearly one out of every four deaths in Florida is due to cancer!

Florida Hospital Cancer Institute cares for more cancer patients than any other health care system in the state. At the Florida Hospital Cancer Institute at Winter Park Memorial Hospital, patient volume for outpatient cancer treatment has nearly doubled in the last ten year and limited space has resulted in overcrowding. Our aging facility does not provide an efficient care flow for patients, families, and clinicians, which further impacts our ability to serve the growing patient population. In addition, space is not sufficient for important cancer care support services for patients and their families.

To improve the quality of life of our patients and promote an optimum healing experience for long-term recovery, an expansion and renovation of Winter Park Memorial Hospital’s cancer center is underway. The new center will offer a complete spectrum of patient-centered oncology services in a healing environment. It will house leading medical oncologists, radiologists, and other cancer specialists; expanded space for hematology and oncology; enhanced space for chemotherapy, and advanced technologies for diagnosis and treatment in radiation and medical oncology such as linear accelerators, diagnostic and simulation PET/CT, and infusion.

The Cancer Centre facility expansion will also accommodate programs and support services that are limited or do not exist today. Social workers and care coordinators will help patients and families navigate the complex health care system and link them to needed support services and resources. Programmatic space will be created for clinical trials, nutrition and genetic counseling, and patient education, as well as a new conference area for support groups and gatherings. Through Winter Park Memorial Hospital’s longstanding community partnerships, patients and caregivers will benefit from collaborative projects. It will help cancer survivors transitioning from treatment improve their strength, flexibility, energy levels and self esteem in a supportive environment with peers at our local YMCA.


Diagnostic imaging technology is constantly evolving and improving, allowing physicians to use the most minimally-invasive procedures available today, with less discomfort and quicker recovery for their patients. To provide our patients with the most advanced medical care, increase capacity to serve more patients, and improve the patient experience overall, Winter Park Memorial Hospital is redesigning, upgrading, and relocating its imaging and diagnostic services as an important part of this ambitious campaign.

Winter Park Memorial Hospital has seen consistent year-over-year growth in volume for imaging services. In fact, it is second only to Florida Hospital’s main campus in volume for Interventional Radiology (IR)—minimally-invasive image-guided procedures to diagnose and treat diseases. Plans include upgrades to IR technology, new radiology equipment and the build out of shell space for endoscopy and radiology. In addition, the Center will have an external entrance to provide outpatients with convenient access to services and inpatients will have a private and comfortable space to wait for tests.


Founded in 1908 by one of the first female physicians in the country, Florida Hospital has been caring for women for over 100 years. Now, Florida Hospital aims to change the trajectory of women’s health with the opening of women’s health pavilions at three campuses that will provide revolutionary care through innovative programs, technology, research and world-class physicians. This exciting plan includes the creation of the new Women’s Health Pavilion—a comprehensive “one-stop” boutique at Winter Park Memorial Hospital. Serving women across the continuum of life—from adolescence through adulthood—the Centre will focus on preventive care and education to optimize health and offer a broad range of specialized services to address the unique health concerns of women.

Too often, women put the health of their loved ones before their own and place themselves at risk. They need multiple specialists and diagnostic tests, resulting in multiple appointments and too little time. Women are also at significantly higher risk than men for many diseases such as osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, depression, and thyroid dysfunction; and often experience different symptoms for life threatening conditions like heart attack and stroke. The new two-story, 22,000 square foot Centre will inspire and empower women to take care of themselves through a convenient one-stop approach and will offer innovation in new services, breakthrough treatments, lifestyle coaching, and a place of retreat for the mind, body, and spirit.


Many of Winter Park Memorial Hospital’s patient rooms—located in a building constructed in 1955—are shared by two patients. To improve the patient experience and create a modern and restful environment for healing, the master plan includes 39 new single-patient rooms over the next two years and, in the plan’s final phase, a new 80-bed pavilion. The rooms will provide privacy and comfort, increased patient safety, and state-of-the-art features for enhanced patient care. Amenities include private bathrooms with showers, flat screen TVs with interactive communication capabilities, sleeping accommodations for loved ones, and windows for natural lighting.

Research has shown that the physical environment, in addition to comfort, can improve patient outcomes and human performance—from preventing the spread of infection, falls, and medical errors to increasing the work efficiency of clinical staff, and reducing patients’ length of stay. The new rooms will be designed to support patient recovery and safety. For example, bathrooms will be large to provide space for walkers and fixtures will be at an appropriate height for knee and hip replacement patients. Additionally, rooms will utilize materials, modern ventilation, and filtration systems that prevent infection; and have layouts that improve nurse productivity, allow for quick response to patients’ needs, and facilitate patient education.


In just the past 10 years, the volume of emergency room visits at Winter Park Memorial Hospital has increased by 30 percent, with on average 63 percent resulting in a hospital admission. A newly designed ED with fixed individual rooms and private entry for family members is planned to provide modern and urgently needed patient observation rooms. The expanded and improved facility will provide additional beds and accommodate centers for rapid diagnostics, chest pain, and stroke, as well as sports medicine and orthopedic services. The new ED will also house a Senior Emergency Department (which is described further in the Longevity Medicine Institute section of this document).


The Longevity Medicine Institute will be a national model for our aging population and their caregivers with innovative, comprehensive, and coordinated approaches to preventive, predictive, regenerative, and performance medicine.

Winter Park Memorial Hospital is uniquely positioned to address the needs of the aging population: almost 25,000 seniors reside within just five miles of the hospital today and this number is rising; no other healthcare providers in the region address the needs of older patients with any focus or scale.

The needs of our aging population will dramatically transform the way health care is delivered as we address the greater prevalence of chronic conditions, longer life spans and generational management of care.

The Institute will improve clinical outcomes, reduce hospital readmissions, reduce preventable ED visits, coordinate safe transitions of care between the hospital to home or other care providers while reducing healthcare costs and unnecessary expenditures.

Plans for the Institute include:
Senior Emergency Department-to include special flooring, lighting, and coordinated care specifically for seniors who typically have complex medical conditions and should not be triaged and diagnosed the same way a younger patient in the ED would be treated.

Center for Healthy Aging

Coordinated Care Program-Geriatric trained social workers will support and guide seniors and families as they navigate the complex health care system.

Seniors After Hours Clinic-Access to primary care for seniors who need non-life threatening attention.

Home Health & Mobile Services-Homebound patient services including physician house calls, transportation services, monitoring technology and medication management.

Healthy Living Center-in partnership with Winter Park Health Foundation and the YMCA, the Center will provide medically-integrated programs that deliver preventive and rehabilitative services.