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Fundraising Priorities - Adventist University of Health Sciences

Masters of Occupational Therapy

Goal: Endowment Funds and Equipment ($1 million)

The University’s highly successful Occupational Therapy Assistant program is led by a nationally recognized department chair. Now this program is poised to take the curriculum to the Master’s Degree level becoming the only such program in Central Florida.

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Goal: Endowment Funds and Equipment ($1 million)

Seed money is needed to build a physical therapy department to the same high standards as the entire ADU curriculum. The doctoral level degree will be the standard for graduates to be licensed physical therapists.

School of Nursing Laboratory

Goal: ($1 million)

Over the years, ADU has been innovative in its nursing curriculum – utilizing specialized nursing laboratories for skill development. With increased enrollment, new “smart” human patient simulators, and other technology, it is time to upgrade the nursing laboratory for our students and build an endowment fund for future state-of-the-art technology needs.

Faculty Development Fund

Goal: $500,000

Faculty often cannot afford the high cost of doctoral degree tuition on their salaries. Yet for many, this is their dream. This desire also aligns with the University’s strategic goal of a faculty that is 100% doctorally prepared. This new fund will assist current faculty to continue their academic studies at the doctoral level.


Not every student who attends the University has their own or family resources to support their study program. For some students, government grants or institutional scholarships help Perhaps loans are an option. But often students need a more to make ends meet. They rely on dollars from philanthropic investors. Scholarships may be the difference between staying in classes and having to leave or postpone their education.

Thoughtful, generous donors have established more than 25 endowed scholarships at the University that are a lifeline for students. These benefactors realize they can make the difference one person at a time. They know that scholarships validate students. They understand that education at the Adventist University of Health Science prepares healthcare professionals that practice healthcare as ministry and graduates make the world a better place.

In the 2012-2013 academic year more than 110 students received a scholarship that helped them stay in school at the University. More scholarships would mean that the other 112 students who applied and were eligible could receive an award.

New Building

A five-story building is planned to house new graduate programs, expand current graduate programs such as the Masters of Occupational Therapy, and provide cutting edge simulation laboratories. Construction has begun on the first three stories to be ready for occupancy in 2014. This coincides with the projected start date of the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. The fourth and fifth floors will remain as architect’s drawings unless philanthropic supporters partner to provide the necessary $8 million to transform drawings into a completed building. 2015 is the anticipated start date for the Nurse Anesthesia Practice and the Physician Assistant doctoral programs.

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