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Florida Hospital

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Fundraising Priorities - SHARES International

Surgical Mission Trips

As we move toward developing a local team of specialists dedicated to caring for cleft lip and palate patients year-round, we seek to increase our onsite surgical weeks to six per year. We also seek to facilitate three professional exchanges per year for selected specialties according to the needs of the local medical team.

Experience Manuel’s journey to a whole smile:

Identify and Develop New Sites

We seek to establish partnerships in sites that are committed to developing a positive legacy. Prior to collaborating with a site, we conduct an onsite assessment to confirm key partnership aspects including a written cooperation agreement with the local Ministry of Health and selecting a healthcare facility where SHARES and the local providers will partner to provide quality care.

Physical Therapy Mission Trips

SHARES International works with group homes in Kingston, Jamaica to empower local caregivers and volunteers with the necessary knowledge and skills to improve the life of children with special needs. Due to the lack of physical therapy services available for children, the need for training, equipment and structural modifications is great. We seek to increase our onsite collaborations to three per year, one of those being in a new site.

Medical Supplies and Equipment

SHARES medical teams travel to a site with all the medications, supplies, portable equipment and instruments needed to provide quality care. We also help to connect local teams with financial and specific in-kind donations that remain onsite to continue providing quality care for children year-round. Your support with covering these costs allows us to treat more patients and facilitate more onsite collaborations.