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Fundraising Priorities - Diabetes

Diabetes Care for the Uninsured and Underinsured

Goal: $125,000

Annually Our current system of care has many gaps that result in uninsured and underinsured patients with diabetes often receiving suboptimal care. For example, access to glucose testing, medications, education and screening services is often limited. Your gift of $125,000 annually will allow us to establish innovative community-based diabetes care programs that will improve outcomes for 250 uninsured and underinsured patients with diabetes annually.

Investigator Initiated Research

Goal: $125,000

Annually Internationally recognized Diabetes Institutes must have a strong research program. The collaboration between the Diabetes Institute and the Translational Research Institute is an important step toward that goal, designed to turn discoveries into treatments and move new medications into the clinic as soon as possible. To maximize this opportunity we also need to develop a comprehensive research program that addresses the delivery of diabetes care in hospital, clinic and community settings. Specifically, we need to develop diabetes clinical care models that will deliver high-quality care in a cost-effective manner. Your gift of $125,000 will provide support to hire faculty who will develop innovative treatment paradigms, test new models of delivering care and train students and physicians.

Diabetes Education for Patients

Goal: $100,000

Annually Over 13% of our regions residents are at or below the federal poverty level. Local free health care clinics have found that one-third of their patients – working uninsured and underinsured - have diabetes but have never received comprehensive diabetes education. The complications and risks associated with diabetes and the human and financial costs prompted the FHDI to begin offering diabetes education scholarships to our region’s underinsured and uninsured residents. Through these scholarships we are improving patient health and decreasing the financial burden borne by our community. A gift at this level would enable 125 patients to participate in a 10 hour program comprised of basic and advanced diabetes topic, medication administration, blood glucose testing and individualized meal planning.

Diabetes Professional Education Initiatives

Goal: $75,000

Annually The Diabetes Institute currently provides opportunities for 6 Florida Hospital Internal Medicine Residents who receive in-depth training in diabetes and endocrinology during month-long rotations. This need is projected to increase to 12 Internal Medicine Residents in the next year. In addition, the Florida Hospital Family Medicine Residency has requested similar rotations for their trainees. Pharmacy residents from the University of Florida also rotate through the clinic and in the next year, medical students from the University of Central Florida Medical School will begin rotations at the hospital and Diabetes Institute. In the next three years, we anticipate starting a Diabetes and Endocrinology Fellowship, offering advanced training to physicians that will lead to their certification as specialists in the field. To meet these increasing professional educational needs, our physicians need protected time. A gift of $75,000 would allow our one of physicians to devote 1 day a week to teaching medical and pharmacy residents and medical students in the clinical setting and lecturing to residents and students in didactic settings. The gift would also support the development of curriculum, reading lists and self-study materials for residents and students, and the preparation and filing of the application for fellowship accreditation, allowing the Florida Hospital Diabetes Institute to become a nationally recognized center of excellence for professional training in the care and management of patients with diabetes.

Demonstration Cooking Programs

Goal: $50,000

Annually Innovative and interactive educational models are needed to effectively offer the practical tools and resources diabetes patients and their families need to successfully manage their health. Demonstration Cooking Programs will enable participants to actively engage in cooking, learn new practices and apply “simple steps” nutritious eating. A gift of $50,000 would allow the Diabetes Education Team to offer 3 four session programs in a calendar year impacting up to 600 patients.

Community Based Diabetes Screening Events

Goal: $20,000

Annually Over ¼ of Central Florida’s residents living with diabetes do not know they have the disease. As a result, they are not taking practical steps to better manage their diabetes and their overall health. Recent reports have shown significant cardiovascular, vision and kidney complications can be averted through timely diagnosis and education. A gift of $20,000 would enable the team of Certified Diabetes Educators to host 16 community based four- hour Diabetes Screening Events and provide diabetes assessments to 4,000 people. Diabetes Support Groups Goal: $15,000 Annually Diabetes Support Groups are designed to reinforce and provide a deeper understanding of the content taught during the structured diabetes education and self management course. Support group meetings are free and open to any person diagnosed with diabetes. The topic specific sessions are facilitated by Certified Diabetes Educators and regularly feature expert guest presenters. A gift of $15,000 would allow the Diabetes Institute to host 12 Group Sessions and impact over 250 people with diabetes and their families.