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Fundraising Priorities - Florida Hospital for Children


Goal: $1M

Florida Hospital for Children became a Level IV Epilepsy Center in 2012, which is the highest designation for Pediatric Epilepsy. With the addition of a nationally leading neurosurgeon, two pediatric epileptologists, 3T inter-operative MRI OR suite and the MEG, Florida Hospital for Children is now a destination hospital for pediatric neurology/epilepsy. With the purchase of highly specialized equipment (MEG) that pinpoints seizures with exact precision, we will be able to treat only the areas in the brain that are affected, thus avoiding damage to surrounding areas. Our goal is to cure children from epilepsy and conduct cutting-edge research.


Goal: $1.5M/year for unfunded portions of the program

Florida Hospital is the only site in Central Florida with an approved transplant program for both adult and pediatric patients. Bone Marrow Transplantation is a potentially lifesaving treatment for patients suffering from cancer and 72 other life threatening diseases such as aplastic anemia, sickle cell anemia, and various metabolic diseases. The goal of BMT is to destroy diseased bone marrow cells and replace them with normal bone marrow stem cells. This normal bone marrow is harvested from a healthy donor that is matched by a relative or through a donor located by the National Bone Marrow Registry and is then given to the patient following high doses of chemotherapy and sometimes radiation.

Our goal is to be a nationally leading program and provide this complex treatment to all patients that would benefit from receiving it. Cost to bring a patient to transplant can range from $10,000-$35,000 outside of what is covered by health insurance before the treatment is even administered. Community partners have the opportunity to save a life by providing a transplant to a child or adult who otherwise could not afford this cost leading up to transplant and once a transplant is administered.


Goal: $1M/year for research and dedicated unit

The pediatric heart program at Florida Hospital for Children is built on Collaboration, Innovation, Clinical Credible Volumes, Leading Outcomes, Teaching, Publication and Clinical Research. This program builds upon the existing relationships with Johns Hopkins Hospital, the FH cardiology team, the historical Clinical Excellence and strong existing infrastructure of the FH Cardiovascular Institute, focusing on Whole Person Care.

Florida Hospital’s pediatric open heart surgery program provides a full range of pediatric open and closed heart surgery operations, including but not limited to repair of replacement of heart valves, repair of congenital heart defects, cardiac revascularization, repair or reconstruction of intra-thoracic vessels, and treatment of cardiac trauma.


Goal: $300,000/year to fund dedicated clinic

When a child has abnormal levels of hormones or enzymes in their body, it can create metabolic disorders that disrupt the body’s processing of key building blocks, such as carbohydrates and fatty acids. In some cases these disorders allow substances to build up to toxic levels or create a serious deficiency that leads to other health problems.

Metabolic diseases can range from amino acid disorders to hyper- and hypo-thyroidism. Fortunately, the endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism care team at Florida Hospital for Children are leaders in treating pediatric metabolic diseases and disorders.

Our highly trained experts can evaluate your child’s problem, diagnose it accurately through advanced screening and testing, and devise a treatment plan that is comprehensive and effective. Led by board-certified pediatric endocrinologists, our team will be at your child’s side every step of the way as the root causes of the problem are identified and treated using leading edge therapies.


Goal: $500,000/year to fund program cost

This specialized team provides children and their families with relief from the symptoms, pain, and stress of a serious life-threatening or life-altering condition- whatever the diagnosis. The program is comprised of an interdisciplinary team which consists of doctors, nurses, social workers, child life specialists and other health care providers. This expert care is provided by a specialized team working together with families to create a care plan that focuses on meeting the medical, spiritual and emotional needs of the child and his or her family in an effort to enhance the quality of life for these patients. The goal is to achieve the best quality of life for these children and their families through the provision of proactive, comprehensive, family-centered and holistic care. National models for successful palliative care programs rely heavily on philanthropic support as most palliative care services are non reimbursable by insurance. A third of the programs operating budget will need to be raised annually in order to continue to offer these essential services for our pediatric patients with life-threatening and life-altering diagnoses.


Philanthropic Goal: $500,000/year to fund clinical program and school outreach

Healthy 100 Kids is a unique set of programs designed to inspire health for the younger generation.

The Center for Weight and Wellness is a clinical program focusing on children and families, teaching them how to live healthy lives and combat the epidemic of childhood obesity and related health complications. Our highly-trained weight management team is comprised of a medical doctor, exercise physiologist, psychologist, and nutritionist and provides a comprehensive plan for success. The program is growing by leaps and bounds, and we are looking for partners to stand with us as we expand and grow. Many of our services are not reimbursed by insurance, so philanthropy plays a key role in the success of this program.

The FIT platform was developed using a combination of the latest scientific and behavioral research designed to educate, motivate, and inspire children of all ages to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle. The program is implemented through our group of edutainers through the private and public school system. There are four pillars to the FIT platform:

  • FOOD: Nutritional Fitness
  • MOVE: Physical Fitness
  • MOOD: Emotional Fitness
  • RECHARGE: Behavioral Fitness


Philanthropic Goal: $250,000/year for unfunded program and needs

The Center for Child Development (CCD) provides diagnostic evaluations, medical management, and support to premature infants and children with behavioral and developmental concerns. It is the only site providing comprehensive care in Central Florida, and treats over 1,000 patients a month. The CCD team utilizes a holistic approach to treat children and treats the poor and vulnerable, including uninsured premature infants, which comprise more than half the population. The clinic has two board-certified behavioral pediatricians and three nurse practitioners and recently expanded to keep up with the growing demand for their services.