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Fundraising Priorities - Celebration Health

Breast Health Center

Goal: 3D Imaging ($750,000)

With a new breast surgeon coming on board, we will be in a position to establish a truly comprehensive breast health program. It will include screenings, mammograms, and biopsies in addition to chemotherapy treatment and radiation for women diagnosed with breast cancer.

Genetic Testing and Counseling

Goal: Genetic Counselor ($50,000/year)

We now have the ability to provide genetic testing for many forms of cancer and then counsel those with positive results for prevention purposes and to catch the formation of cancer so we can treat it early.

Emergency Department – Pediatric Observation Area

Goal: $1M

We see more than 15,000 children in the ED each year. As such, it’s critical to create a short-term treatment space within the newly expanded unit that provides a safe and nurturing environment for the youngest patients in our community. Pediatric patients not requiring admission can be observed for 24-48 hours without being transferred to another Florida Hospital location for care. Our goal is to create a child-friendly space that will accommodate local children and provide excellent pediatric care with the help of the experts at Florida Hospital for Children.

Nicholson Center for Surgical Advancement (NCSA)

Goal: $1M

Funding priorities for the Nicholson Center for Surgical Advancement will bring new technologies in minimally invasive surgery, simulation and robotics that are needed for the new facility. This will help us achieve our goal of training 20,000 physicians from around the world in the latest surgical techniques each year. Telecommunication and telementoring technology is also needed for the new facility. In 2010 we signed a new global training and education affiliation with a hospital in Seoul, South Korea. These tools allow us to provide the most innovative educational opportunities possible to touch the lives of patients worldwide.