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Florida Hospital

The skill to heal. The spirit to care.

Fundraising Priorities - Apopka

Advanced Medical Equipment

Goal: $400,000 Total
Echo Machine for Cardiology ($275,000)
Arterial Machine for Cardiology ($75,000)
Bladder Scanner ($50,000)

To continue offering the best in care for our community, we need to have the latest tools and technology for our staff and physicians to treat our patients to the best of their ability. This is also a matter of accessibility. We need additional equipment to schedule routine procedures and testing in a timely manner with increased patient volume.

Hospital Renovation

Goal: $350,000 Total
Emergency Department ($100,000)
Patient Care Rooms ($100,000)
Rehabilitation Department ($100,000)
Medical Office Building Conference Room ($50,0000)

The Apopka campus was established 1975 and has undergone several phases of expansion and renovation since then. In order to keep our facility up-to-date, current with advances in technology, and to utilize better patient flow designs, hospital renovation is critical.

Hospital Expansion

Goal: $2.25 million Total
Emergency Department ($1 million)
Additional Services ($750,000)
Cafeteria ($500,000)

Our need for expansion is the direct result of our record growth rates, as well as our vision to become a full service hospital. Our Emergency Department is one of the busiest in the Florida Hospital System and yet it’s also one of the smallest facilities. By increasing the amount of services offered, we will allow thousands of patients to stay in their community and avoid being transferred to another campus farther away from home and away from their families.