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Little Music Makers: Sing, Play, Grow

Music Therapy for Early Child Development

Little Music Makers: Sing, Play, Grow is an early childhood music group that provides a positive and success-oriented environment to promote developmental milestones in language, social-emotional, cognition and movement for children ages newborn to 18 months.

The group is facilitated by a board-certified music therapist (MT-BC), who is trained in using music for early childhood development and targets specific goals while keeping the experiences fun and engaging. These classes — divided into three age groups — are designed to involve you and your baby every step of the way while teaching valuable skills.

0-6 months

Friday at 9:00 am

smiling, making eye contact, cooing/ babbling, visual tracking, tummy time, grasping, laughing and imitating

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6-12 months

Saturday at 9:00 am

picking up objects, sitting/standing with or without assistance, dancing/bouncing, body awareness, language skills, imitating, naming objects, and engaging in musical play

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12-18 months

Saturday at 10:00 am

holding objects, standing/walking with or without assistance, language and communication, mimicking, social interaction, and engaging in musical play

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