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High-Risk Pregnancy

Specialized Care for Your High-Risk Pregnancy

Comprehensive Fetal Medicine Program

Because high-risk pregnancies demand specialized care, Florida Hospital for Women and Florida Hospital for Children offer a Comprehensive Fetal Medicine Program — providing a personalized care plan backed by attentive specialists and the latest technologies and services.

Maternal Fetal Medicine Physicians

High-risk pregnancies require specialized care to protect the health and safety of every mother and baby. A pregnancy could be high-risk for several reasons, including: age of the mother, pre-existing health conditions, multiple fetuses and previous problematic pregnancies. Florida Hospital for Women’s comprehensive fetal medicine team provides the higher level of care and compassion you need with state-of-the-art treatments and testing throughout your entire journey to motherhood.

Our highly skilled physician team specializes in screening, diagnosing and monitoring any complications that arise, and help empower you every step of the way. This includes working with you and your obstetrician, as well as the pediatric specialists at Florida Hospital for Children, to develop an individualized plan for your pregnancy and delivery that optimizes the health of both you and your baby — in body, mind and spirit. Trust our team to care for you and your growing family.

Treatment Options:

  • Cerclage Placement and Follow-up
  • Diabetes Management
  • Multiple Gestation Management
  • Pregnancy Loss Evaluation and Treatment
  • Prematurity Risk Evaluation and Prevention Program
  • Maternal Transport Team

High Risk OB

To care for your unique needs, our Obstetrics High Risk Unit provides 24-hour obstetric and anesthesia coverage in private rooms. The High-Risk Unit team will collaborate with the Labor and Delivery and Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) teams to deliver personalized care that optimizes the complete health of you and your baby.

Care Coordinator

A Florida Hospital, we’re committed to providing comprehensive care for women with high-risk pregnancies or fetal complications. Our care coordinator will act as your health navigator by providing phone consultations to better understand your needs, accompanying you to appointments, making sure you understand your options, and providing tours through the NICU so you become familiar with the facility. She will be involved at every step of your health care journey to ensure your needs are being met.

Contact our care coordinator today by calling (407) 609-0364.

Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU)

Our 5 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) locations are staffed around the clock by a compassionate and a highly skilled team of specialists. Backed by the most advanced technologies and care available, our team has created a legacy of successfully treating premature and sick newborn babies. We have a dedicated team of neonatologists, neonatal nurse practitioners, neonatal nurses, respiratory therapists and pharmacists who are supported by specialists from a wide range of medical disciplines.

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Pediatric Specialists

Florida Hospital for Children features an assembly of 130+ pediatric specialists covering a wide range of disciplines including cardiology, neurology/neurosurgery, genetics and minimally invasive surgery. Their expertise is backed by leading technologies and therapies designed to give you the greatest hope, and your child the best possible outcomes. For more than a century, we have built a legacy of excellence, service and commitment to providing extraordinary care and uncommon compassion.

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